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Hello, my name is Joshua and I am a mathematics, science and English tutor. Bringing together almost a decade of tutoring experience combined with my Bachelor’s studies at the University of Toronto, I guarantee academic excellence in my tutoring services. During my years in academia, I have seen students struggle with their studies, making them question if they can achieve their goals. Launching St. Joseph Tutoring Academy is my way of helping students on their academic paths and to give them tools to achieve their dreams. I am eager to help the student in your life on their educational journey during these challenging times. Please reach out for a FREE consultation.

Joshua De Jesus
Tutor & Founder of St. Joseph Tutoring Academy

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“…exactly the tutor parents and students alike hope for!”

Joshua DeJesus is exactly the tutor parents and students alike hope for! He is a kind and well-informed mathematician willing and capable of explaining concepts and working through problems with patience, clarity, and warmth.

Randy Boyagoda

Parent & Educator
“…after three minutes with Josh, I understood everything.”

After her last tutoring session with Josh, my daughter bounded down the stairs with excitement, only to proclaim, this unit is so easy! When my teacher explained it, I had no idea how to approach the problems; after three minutes with Josh, I understood everything.” Josh’s tutoring is professional, inspiring, and tailored precisely to her needs; her test scores have improved and her stress level has dropped after only a few sessions working with Josh.

Anna Boyagoda

Parent & Educator
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